New Pokemon Sun and Moon Details

Just when people are still engrossed in playing Pokemon Go, Nintendo has released new footage of their upcoming game, Pokemon Sun and Moon.

In the footage, there are new details that fans of the franchise will want to know. The Pokemon Sun and Moon will be held in the Alola region and because of that, some Pokemon will have the chance to unleash their Alola Forms.

Now, there seems to be no definitive explanation out there but it seems that Alola forms would change the type and makeup of the Pokemon.

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Take Vulpix and Ninetails, for example. Both of them are Fire-type Pokemon but once they change to their Alola forms, their innate element turns to Ice. Some Pokemon may even gain new traits when going to their Alola forms as well.

In the Pokemon Sun and Moon game, there are new mechanics being introduced. One of the biggest mechanics introduced are the traits. Aside from the Pokemons’ innate element, they will also have certain traits as well. For example, if you’re using a fairy-type Pokemon, they might have a trait such as “Flying” or “Normal”.

This is actually the first time that the Pokemon franchise included traits in the game, so I am excited to see how this new feature pans out.

Aside from the Alola forms, there are new “Totem” trainers that you can face. These Totem trainers will be able to summon Totem Pokemon. Totem Pokemon has different traits and abilities and they can boost their stats before battle.

In true Pokemon fashion, there will be a boss at the end of each Island, so be sure to train your Pokemon so that you can beat them. And, for the record, these Pokemon are not pushovers, so not treat them lightly!

Probably the feature that will excite most Pokemon players is the inclusion of the “Z-Moves”. Now, what are Z-Moves? According to the Pokemon website, Z-Moves can be performed once the Pokemon and its trainer’s wishes resonate with each other.

After that, the Pokemon can then perform a very powerful move that deals massive amounts of damage, plus, you get to see a very cool attack animation as well.

Although Z-Moves are flashy and powerful, they can only be performed once per battle. The good thing, though, is that all Pokemon will have Z-moves and you can perform them, again, when you resonate with your battle partner.

Since the Pokemon Sun and Moon game is new, there will also be new Pokemon added into the mix as well. One of these Pokemon is Gumshoos, which is an evolved form of Yungoos.

In the trailer, this Pokemon is a “Normal” type but it has good combat potential as it has a slew of skills and abilities that can aid him in battle.

Some of its abilities include the ability to increase its attack and defense, attack flying Pokemon, among others.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon game will be released in November and if you have a Nintendo 3DS and you’re a fan of the game, then I highly encourage you to pre-order your copy now.

This game is developed by the Pokemon company and is published by Nintendo.