Flynx App for Android

The Android operating system is home to a lot of useful apps. From productivity apps to games, there is an app that is right for you.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Flynx App for Android mobile phones. This app is a pop-up style browser that allows you to surf the internet without leaving the current app you’re in.

For example, if you’re currently using Facebook but you also want to use a browser to browse news, for example, the Flynx App for Android allows you to use Flynx in the background, simultaneously loading the pages that you need automatically without leaving the Facebook app.

When the page you want to visit is fully loaded, the app will notify you and you can just tap the icon to bring it up to the screen. If you’re going to visit another page, just click on it and you can minimize the app until the page fully loads, allowing you to go back to the app you were using before. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’re using mobile data with data caps, using this app is no problem at all! The Flynx App for Android mobile phones uses an intelligent algorithm that blocks adds and removes unnecessary clutter so you can view only the most important things. This allows you to save on your data.

This app also has a reading mode on by default. The app puts all of the text on a certain website into full view. All you need to do is scroll up or down; no need to scroll sideways to read everything. The interface is also pleasing to the eyes even when you’re using the app in low-lit areas.

Suppose you find an article on the internet and you wanted to save that particular article so that you can read it later, the Flynx App for Android mobile phones also have that feature. All you have to do is double tap a link and it will give you the option to save the article of your choosing!

The Flynx App for Android is also a snappy performer. This one of the apps for Android mobile phones that allows you to truly do multi-tasking. You can load multiple websites all at once, all without ever leaving the app you’re currently on. This app is specially coded to maximize the performance of your Android mobile phone.

This app also has a seamless integration to all of the popular Social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Share links, photos, and videos that you’ve opened in the Flynx app and it will be shared on all the social media outlets of your choosing.

Lastly, the Flynx App for Android supports over 15 languages, such as Brazilian, Chinese, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and so much more!

The Flynx App for Android mobile phones is a treat for people who love to multi-task and open a lot of web pages all at once, without leaving the current app you’re on. This app is free to download on the Google Play store.