The technical r4 card

Portable storage cards like the R4 series of cards helped make the Nintendo DS as popular as it is today. Besides providing a useful tool for individuals to backup their games legally, it is also an excellent way to bring awesome third party functionality, like music, photos, movies, and more to the Nintendo DS. However, many people are scared away by the technical side of the R4 Cards. So, below is a list of what R4 Cards can do, as well as a brief explanation regarding proper installation.

So, What Are Some of the Technical Details Behind R4 Cards?

First, R4 cards are considered a 2nd generation storage device because it does not require a booting tool in order to run. The cartridge fits firmly into the slot 1 position, using a MicroSD card with either FAT 16 or 23.

The R4 Card supports a clean ROM format, where you can easily drag and drop items no matter the operating system. Information is saved to the MIcroSD card, and it supports moonshell and other homebrew apps. There is also the option to easily change the skins, allowing for increased customizability.

Full download play support is also provided, as well as support for action replay cheats, soft resets, 4-scale-lightness adjustments, and WIFI games. When saving a game, a save is automatically made in the memory card and set to 512KB in size.

Installation of R4 Cards

Installing an R4 Card requires a little bit of time and patience. First, you need to download onto your computer the latest firmware. Once the download is complete, you will need a n adaptor piece to connect the card to your computer. After you find the root directory to your R4 Card, then drag and drop the files into the folder on the card. If there are files already there, then you will be prompted to erase the originals. Do this. Once complete, you are done and ready to use your R4 card!

With so many ROMS out there, updating your R4 Card and keeping the firmware up to date will provide many opportunities to play around with this process. Once you’ve done it a few times, it will get much easier. Until then, good luck installing and preparing your R4 cards. If you have an questions, keep looking online, as there are a number of helpful and informative guides out there.